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A database management tool to centralize all the company's contacts, manage appointments, interventions, follow-ups, marketing actions and much more. 

Free single-user version.

An easy way to manage your contacts

A complete CRM, you can notably define secondary addresses of all types by referring to an address record present in the program (parent and daughter records).

You can also specify an unlimited number of telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and associated external documents.

An up-to-date calendar

Events can be handled easily in the graphical calendar: adding, moving, duplicating, scheduling is child's play.


Thanks to the filters, you can restrict the display to your own appointments, to interventions at your clients', to everything concerning a given mandate or to the schedule of all your collaborators.

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Visu Adresses.png
Visu Adresses.png
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A word processor with unlimited power

Thanks to the close integration of its documents with your data, the word processor allows for a centralisation of information that facilitates follow-up, simplifies archiving and optimises the search for a document and its dispatches.


Word processing allows you to manage your correspondence and mailings in printed form or by e-mail.

Mobile access

Simplified interface for access via smartphones and tablets. You can view and process essential data from your smartphone or tablet. Customer and supplier details, with map location and phone number. Recording of field staff activities, order taking, stock availability, live sales progress.


Free single-user version.

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