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Year End Operations 2023

As every year, we make you aware of the operations to be carried out in your various software, thanks to our document to download (français | deutsch | italiano).


This document describes how to create new fiscal years in OM Finance and OM Staff and how to carry forward the accumulations in OM Business.

This year-end is marked by two special events:

  • Swiss VAT rates will change in 2024 (this concerns OM Business and OM Finance) (français | deutsch)

  • OM Staff 7.3 will upgrade to Swissdec 5 standard by 2024 (français | deutsch)

Of course, our support service is at your disposal to assist you in case of questions: just send us a message directly from the command Help>Question for technical help of your software. In the same dialog box, you can also make an appointment with our supporters.

Image by dashu83 on Freepik


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