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The documents you can download below are in
PDF format or are articles from our knowledge base

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Description of Office Maker software, with price lists.​

All the services offered: from configuration according to your needs to user training.​

Does your equipment meet the minimum necessary requirements?

Network configuration  recommended for optimal use of the Cloud version.​

Installation  of the single-user version is very simple but more complex for the client-server version.​​

The update is greatly simplified thanks to the automatic mechanisms integrated into the programs, certain precautions must be taken.  nevertheless be taken.

All the useful information for the optimal configuration of one or more local server software and installation on client workstations.​

At the end of each year, various actions must be taken to close the current year and open a new one. This document tells you more.

Your Staff database must be set up in order to adapt to your salaries policy. This survey lets our technicien understand your policy, so that they can do the initial setup.

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