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Made to measure

Do you have specific needs that are not covered by the standard features offered by Office Maker? We can adapt the software to meet your specific needs.

Customized adaptations

Perhaps you have specific needs, particular for example to your field of activity or to processes that are not usual and not foreseen by Office Maker. In this case, Micro Consulting can adapt the software to meet your expectations.


Establishment of a quotation

In order for us to prepare a quote, it is necessary that you clearly define what you expect:

  • information flow

  • data capture

  • how the data will be processed

  • the expected result 

  • any other useful explanations


Once you have gathered all the information, including the various documents that you want to be able to produce in an automated way, please send it to

A first estimate can be made at this stage, free of charge.

If you wish to continue, then one or more interventions, invoiced at our hourly rate or deducted from your support credit, will be organized with one of our specialists in order to create together a precise specification. This document will contain the description of the adaptation and its fixed cost.

You determine which optional elements you wish to see implemented in your software. This allows you to adjust the cost of development by retaining the elements that are important for your daily use.

Delivery and production start-up

After delivery of the version containing your custom adaptation, you will test a copy of your data before going into production. The actual release means the acceptance of the development. If additional work (not included in the offer) is required, it will be charged by the hour or deducted from your Support Credit.

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