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What clearly distinguishes
Office Maker from competing solutions.

Selection of records: freedom at last!

You have complete freedom in selecting the data you want to process. No more complex filter systems.

Find what you are looking for instantly...

We dare you not to find what you are looking for! The possibilities are endless...

...also without ever touching your keyboard!

This powerful "horizontal" search function can be used everywhere: find salaries starting from the Employees file, isolate suppliers starting from the articles or select all the entries for a group of analysis centers...

A tedious data transfer? Never again.

Make a modification on a set of records in a single operation...

Access external documents instantly.

Your external documents referenced in the files. Useful information always in the right place and right away...

Imagine a spreadsheet directly linked to your data...

Available in the PRO versions: an exceptional reporting tool...


Define as many users as needed and assign them the appropriate access permissions.


Our software is multi-company, each company being able to be managed in a completely independent way.


The software can be used in French, German, Italian and English. The interface language can be adapted for each user. As for outgoing documents, they can be issued in any language you define.


All foreign currencies, automatic update of exchange rates and generation of exchange loss and gain entries...

A clear and coherent presentation.

The interface is very simple and is common to all programs. All basic commands are available in the button bar. Some of these buttons also offer many effective shortcuts.

Customizable to your liking.

Arrange the desired columns in the order that suits you. In the favorites bar, on the left, you can choose with a single click which data to display, print, search, export... Of course, the settings are saved for each user.

A presentation the way you want it, simply.

Completely and easily customize all your outgoing documents...

Automatic update. 

Updating software is a chore... that you can forget.

Comprehensive, illustrated, clear and up-to-date user guides. 

Comprehensive manuals describe each program. They are accessible directly from the software. 

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