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Three programs, three versions.
A multitude of combinations ranging from the simplest to the most from the simplest to the most elaborate.



Accounting software

simple, clear, professionnal



Business management software for all types of companies



Payroll management software

for companies of all sizes

A complete range


The Office Maker programs cover a wide range of business management areas.

The three software packages in the range exist in Light, Standard and PRO versions. Each of them can be used independently. They can also be combined with each other, regardless of the version of each individual component. In any case, there is a solution perfectly adapted to your company's field of activity, your expectations and your budget.

Everything you need

You can add to your solution at any time as your business progresses: upgrade from a Light version to a Standard or PRO version, move from a single-user version to a client-server version, from a local version to a Cloud version, etc.

Moreover, whether it is to interact with other software or to meet very specific needs, we offer custom adaptations.

The importance of ergonomics

Simple and elegant


The simplicity of use guarantees you a more pleasant daily work and a reduced learning curve. It also means significant savings in training when staff changes. The consistency and intuitiveness of the Office Maker interface also allows occasional users to be immediately productive.


The importance we give to ergonomics is felt from the first minutes of use.

Visu Comptes.png
Visu Adresses.png

A clear and identical interface for the entire range


What distinguishes a software from another one of the same category, if not the user interface?

At Micro Consulting, creator of software for more than 30 years, the interface has always been at the center of the company's philosophy.

Take pleasure in managing your data in a limpid manner, with ease from the first day of use.


We invite you to view the sequences that demonstrate the strengths of Office Maker. 

Image de Sincerely Media

Functions common to all three programs and versions


  • Single or multi-user with local or remote clients

  • Multi-company, ndependent management of each company

  • Multi-window and multi-process

  • Multilingual : program interface in French, German or Italian, Finance and Business also in English

  • Unicode : you can use all types of alphabets

  • No limitation on the number of records

  • Favorites bar: one-click access to your favorite files, lists, imports / exports and searches

  • Button bar: one-click access to the main actions

  • Select any sub-selection of records

  • Quick search  with advance and multi-selection

  • Quick search with combination of selections

  • Editor of search formulas on all fields, multi-criteria, with combination of selections

  • Save search formulas for instant access, association with printed documents

  • Links : find instantly and without typing the records having a logical link between them

  • Sort : multi-level sorting, on all fields, or simple sorting by clicking on the column

  • Duplicate: quick creation of a new record by duplicating an existing record

  • Serial processing : apply a modification to any set of records, for example a price modification, a category change, access authorizations...

  • Access levels : the administrator assigns to each user his own authorizations according to the files and the actions to be performed on them

  • Automatic updates : automatic search and installation of new versions or on demand

  • Numerous import and export format

  • Complete printable reference manuals (french and german)

  • Glossary : llist of frequently used terms and texts that can be automatically entered by keyword

  • Format editor: complete customization of printed documents such as offers, invoices, reminders, pay slips...

  • Integrated word processing (except Finance and Staff Light)

  • EDM: all forms can contain a link to an external document (except light versions))

In addition to the Office Maker software range, Micro Consulting develops and markets the BiblioMaker document software.

If your company manages documentation in paper or electronic form, the BiblioMaker software will interest you.


Indeed, thanks to BiblioMaker, you can simply enter the main references of your documents (author, title, keywords, etc.) which are immediately published in your local network. Your collaborators can then find them by querying your online catalog with their usual web browser.

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