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Too often, only a small part of the functions of a software are used, because they are not sufficiently mastered.
With training, you can use it better and save time on a daily basis.

The importance of training

The user-friendly interface of our software might lead one to believe that a quick exploration of its commands is sufficient to use it.


However, they have become extremely feature-rich thanks to their continuous development over more than thirty years. Without proper training, there is a high risk of missing many of them.

On request, we organize training in our premises, on site or online. The training program is adapted to your wishes and your previous knowledge. It is always given in front of the computer in order to immediately put into practice the acquired knowledge.

The courses are billed on an hourly basis, regardless of the number of participants.

Themes addressed​

Here are some examples of topics that can be addressed during a training:

  • Choice and personalization of your chart of accounts

  • Entry and automation of accounting entries

  • Categorization of addresses for newsletters

  • Stock and supply management

  • Customization of the appearance of offers, invoices, etc.

  • Management of the employees' agenda

  • Data export and import possibilities

  • Adjustment of salary settings

  • Entering variables and salaries

  • Customization of salary records

  • Server administration

This list is not exhaustive. So, if some operations seem tedious to you, perhaps a brief training will allow you to discover new and more effective methods!

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