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Clear and affordable Swissdec-approved salary management software

A simple payroll management solution:
establish payslips and official statements in a few clicks.

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Salary types  

Staff contains a vast library of salary types to cover all cases that may arise. 

Salary types are of a fixed or variable type: monthly or hourly salary, AVS, accident insurance, LPP, employer's share, number of vacation days taken, overtime, travel expenses, etc. 

The types that correspond to your various types of salaries will be grouped into sets. 

You can freely create or modify these sets according to your needs. 


For each employee you can of course indicate the complete coordinates and all the information useful for the calculation of the various types of wages (monthly, hourly, piecework, variable...). Where it is useful, the modifications are recorded in a log.


You can also manage data related to personnel management such as career follow-up, secondary addresses, birthdays, letters or other documents... You can also use freely defined fields. The bank details allow you to automate payments by telebanking according to the ISO 20022 standard. 

Ultra fast data entry 

When you enter a new employee file, a few clicks are enough to associate a set of salary types to it. Choose a main set (monthly, hourly, variable...) and if necessary one or more additional sets or particular types of salaries. This way you avoid a tedious and complicated entry. 

Payroll sheets 

Each month, your job will be to enter the Variables for the employees concerned and then click on the "Create salaries" button. And that's it! 

The pay slips can be sent automatically by e-mail. 



from CHF 390.- 

or 23.- monthly

Simple payroll management for small businesses
  • Automation of salary slips

  • All types of salaries

  • Automatic payments

  • All official statements

  • Swissdec transmission

This version enables the calculation of five salaries per month. It is possible to extend this limit at any time by adding more salaries per month. Its low price and the flexibility of the number of salaries managed allow even very small structures to benefit from a professional software.

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from CHF 2'900.- 

or 64.- monthly

All the functions of the Light version with the addition of:
  • Unlimited number of salary slips

  • External document management

  • Integrated word processing

  • Integrated report editor

  • Customized import and export

If your company has more than 20 employees, it is more cost-effective to choose this version. It also offers greater customization possibilities in terms of data extraction and printing. The management of external documents (EDM) is also a plus: CVs, certificates, diplomas and evaluations are just a click away.

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from CHF 4'600.- 

or 99.- monthly

All the functions of the Standard version with the addition of:
  • Fully customizable

  • Career, salary history

  • Tables (seniority, BVG/LPP, bonuses...)

  • Analytical accounting distribution

  • Task scheduler


Designed for companies with a large number of employees, this version offers all the flexibility needed to meet the most complex requirements. It also integrates the transfer to cost accounting. It is a complete, high-performance tool, but it is just as easy to use as the Light version!

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