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The new version that blows your mind 
Native run on Apple M1 processors!



Office Maker 7.1 is the first Swiss business software to take full advantage of the exceptional power of the new M1 processors. These processors have been included in all new Macs over the past year and will soon be included in all models. 

Our tests comparing an iMac M1 to the best Intel MacBook Pro show speedups of 2 to 15 times depending on the operation. 

The smoothness of the user interface offers

an exceptional comfort of use.


But let's not only talk about Mac...

Searches on
millions of records
are now instantaneous

Office Maker 7.1 has been optimized for Windows 11 as well as for all Intel and AMD processors and benefits from the most modern technologies.

Image de Claudio Schwarz

Improved on-screen printing on Windows

The previews now use Microsoft Print to PDF. You can save the PDF directly if you want to keep it.

Image de Carlos Muza

Fiduciaries, we have thought of you!

Switching from one company's accounts to another, whether the files are local at the fiduciary or in the cloud, is done with a single command for an extra-ultra-fast start. 

This new feature will of course be of interest to all our customers who manage several companies.


A powerful word processor...

Word processing offers new perspectives for creative and professional layouts.



Your documents are laid out easily and in a structured way thanks to the new Tables function, among other features.


Take over your MS Word documents with the new .docx import.


Use your imagination to create all kinds of documents directly related to your data:


  • Forms

  • Product sheets for your items

  • Newsletters

  • E-mailings

  • Special offers

  • Contracts

  • Certificates

  • E-mails accompanying invoices, reminders, etc.

You won't believe your eyes...


Integrated spreadsheet, over the top!

The spreadsheet integrated in Office Maker PRO rivals Excel and has the major advantage of being intimately linked to your data. 

After each sale or purchase, your spreadsheets and their statistical charts are automatically up to date



  • The Fill button offers many new features to extract your data from different files.

  • New pivot tables to filter and sort data.

without you even having
to lift a finger.

  • Tools for a sophisticated layout.

  • Let your imagination run wild!

  • Your periodic reports always ready.

What's new by software...

Advantages of traceability

  • management of warranties, recalls, theft and counterfeit problems

  • less waste due to expiration date monitoring

  • better control of product quality

Our sales department will be happy to help you:

0800 822 228 (free call)


Multistock and traceability
New module !

Having a unified stock is the challenge for companies that manage several warehouses or storage locations. To do this, it is necessary to manage the different stocks in a single database.



The new module Multistock of the Business PRO software will meet your expectations in terms of management of several deposits as it will allow:

  • to know the stock in real time for each warehouse / store / truck / ...

  • inventory monitoring and intra-stock transfers

  • automatic restocking by storage location

  • generate delivery notes from each warehouse

  • optimize just-in-time management

This new module also integrates product traceability by batch or serial number. This ensures compliance with the regulations of the various industries and guarantees safety.

  • sources of supply

  • supplier / manufacturer details

  • quantity per batch

  • identification of origin

  • manufacture, expiry, use-by and sell-by dates

Your stocks under control from A to Z

Improvements to the import of CAMT bank statements

Automatic VAT calculation

If a VAT code has been entered in an expense or revenue account, this VAT rate will be automatically applied to the entry during the CAMT import.



Comfort of use

After the CAMT import, Finance displays all the entries of the period, i.e. also those that were already present before the import. This gives you a direct overview. The search for duplicates is of course also possible after the validation of the entries.

Still as simple but always more powerful

Import by folder

Financial institutions offer CAMT files on a daily, weekly and/or monthly basis. The daily option, the only one currently offered by UBS for example, can be tedious because it implies the import of about twenty files to import the entries of an entire month. Finance 7.1 offers an import "by folder" which allows you to import all the extracts in a folder in a single operation.

Integrated spreadsheet in Finance PRO

In addition to the above-mentioned new features, data entry and formatting can be highly automated using the Fill button.


Use calculation formulas directly in the Debit or Credit input field.

Example of a 10% depreciation of the value of Account 1510 Furniture


More security
and more automation

Automatic BVG/LPP even more automatic

A new method of calculating BVG/LPP deductions based on an age bracket table has been added. This allows a better compatibility with different CLAs.


Swissdec transmitter even more secure

The Swissdec transmitter uses a stronger encryption level (TLS 1.3).

Sending salary slips via email with password

This new option allows you to protect the payslips sent by email to your employees.



Withholding for prosecution

The seizure of withholdings for prosecution and the automation of their payment have been optimized and simplified.

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