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A flexible invoicing and commercial management software, with an unfailing efficiency.

A scalable solution that will adapt
to the growth of your business

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An easy way to manage your contacts

A complete CRM, you can notably define secondary addresses of all types by referring to an address record present in the program (parent and children records).

You can also specify an unlimited number of telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and associated external documents.

An up-to-date calendar

Events can be handled easily in the graphical calendar: adding, moving, duplicating, scheduling is child's play.


Thanks to the filters, you can restrict the display to your own appointments, to interventions at your clients', to everything concerning a given mandate or to the schedule of all your collaborators.

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A word processor with unlimited power

Thanks to the close integration of its documents with your data, the word processor allows for a centralisation of information that facilitates follow-up, simplifies archiving and optimises the search for a document and its dispatches.


Word processing allows you to manage your correspondence and mailings in printed form or by e-mail.


Monthly sales evolution, comparisons by customer, by product, by categories, you have a very complete statistics catalog. Moreover, you can create your own statistics at will. Graph edition and export to Word® or Excel® are of course also possible. 


The PRO version can be composed of any combination of the following modules: Debtors, Creditors and Stock. Business Mandates can be combined with any version. 

More information

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from CHF 490.- 

or CHF 27.- monthly

  • Customer relationship management

  • Quotes, invoices, reminders

  • QR-Bill, ISO 20022

  • Point of sale management (POS)

  • Sales statistics

Whether you sell products or services, Business Light applies to all activities. You have all the necessary tools for an efficient debtor follow-up. The numerous statistical possibilities will offer you a clear vision of your business. Finally, you generate in one click the entries for their integration in Finance.

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from CHF 2'500.- 

or CHF 56.- monthly

sales and purchase management
  • All functions of the Light version

  • Creditor and overhead invoices

  • Entry by optical reader

  • QR-Bill payments, ISO 20022

  • Purchase statistics

Creditor invoices are easily registered thanks to numerous automated functions. Creditors, lists and balances give you an immediate overview of open items. You can choose the invoices you want to process with precision and flexibility thanks to the payment proposals.

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from CHF 2'900.-
or CHF 6
4.- monthly/module

For the highest requirements
  • Individual modules

  • Debtors, Creditors, Inventory, etc.

  • Integrated spreadsheet system

  • Advanced functions

  • Analytical accounting

The PRO version has a wealth of possibilities that enables it to meet the most demanding requirements in terms of commercial management. The software allows any combination of the modules which will guarantee full compliance to your needs.

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Office Maker Business
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from CHF 90.-
or CHF 19.- monthly

Customer Relationship Management  (CRM)

  • Centralized contact management

  • Event tracking, calendar

  • Unlimited categorization

  • Integrated word processing

  • e-mailing

Business Contacts is integrated in all versions of Business but can also be used alone. Are you looking for a contact tracking software that is both rich in possibilities and super simple to use?

You have just found it.

First user is free !

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From CHF 490.- 

or CHF 27.- monthly





Point of sale management, cash-register

  • Ultra simple data entry

  • Hierarchical categorization of items

  • Selection by code, pictures, barcodes

  • Numerous payment methods

  • Multi-currency

  • Customizable cash register tickets

A complete point of sale management system is integrated in Business from the Light version. The POS functions can be used on a usual computer or on specialized equipment: touch screen PC, cash drawer, barcode scanner...

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from CHF 2'500.- 

or CHF 56.- monthly


Management by mandate, building-site, project…

  • Timesheet for time registration

  • Automated invoicing

  • Numerous analysis functions

  • Dynamic dashboards

  • Data transfer to payroll

The Mandats module can be integrated into all versions of Business. It provides a clear view of your activities, the performance of each mandate and the hours worked by your employees.

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OMB Mobile

Included in all Business

Simplified mobile app

  • Compatible with iOS and Android

  • Included in all versions

  • Addresses, orders, statistics...

  • Always accessible in Cloud version

  • Real time access to your data

All Business versions offer secure data publication via the web. So you can consult and process essential data from your smartphone or tablet.

and Traceability

from CHF 1'400.- 

or 31.- monthly

Management of several warehouses or storage locations

  • know the stock in real time in each warehouse / store / truck / ...

  • inventory monitoring and intra-stock transfers

  • automatic restocking by storage location

  • generate delivery notes from each warehouse

  • optimization of just-in-time management

This new module also integrates product traceability by batch or serial number. 

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