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Sophisticated accounting software
who knows how to keep it simple

For a perfect keeping of your accounts.
Easy to use, also for non-accountants. 

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Chart of accounts

In accordance with Swiss accounting requirements, Finance offers several model charts of accounts according to your activity that can be quickly and easily adapted to your needs.


The hierarchical nesting of accounts can extend to fifteen levels of totalization.


A single window allows you to enter a simple entry (account and counterpart), a multiple entry (several accounts and counterparts), an entry in foreign currencies and/or an entry with automatic calculation and imputation of VAT.

The entry is very simple, thanks to many automatisms. Entries can be modified at any time, until you decide to lock them. Afterwards, it is still possible to automatically generate a reversal entry.

The accounts are totaled automatically as the entries are entered.


In addition to all the usual documents, you can also define your own printed reports thanks to a powerful integrated list editor, create data export formats, or generate the graphics you want. 


You can also modify the presentation options of the standard documents. In addition, the VAT statement can be set up once and printed directly on the official form with one click. 

  • Possibility to work on several fiscal years in parallel.

  • Update of balances possible at any time.

  • Automated link with your trustee



from CHF 290.-
or 19.- monthly





Accounting has never been easier

  • Choice of chart of accounts

  • Unlimited number of entries

  • Accounting statements in one click

  • Multi-company, multi-currency

  • Flat fee VAT statement

  • Import of bank statements CAMT.053

Version dedicated to freelancers, craftsmen, associations and small businesses. The software is both complete and easy to use. It is appreciated by accountants and non-accountants alike. 

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from CHF 990.- 

or 29.- monthly


An accounting program with extensive automation
  • Sample Entries

  • Custom Report Editor

  • Historical Reports

  • Account Groups

  • VAT on official form

Intended for small and medium-sized companies, this version has all the qualities of the Light version while integrating more sophisticated functions and more automation.

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from CHF 3'900.- 

or 85.- monthly

General, analytical and budgetary accounting software

  • Profit and cost centers

  • Budgets with comparisons

  • Consolidations

  • Periodic entries

  • Integrated spreadsheets


The PRO version includes the features of the Light and Standard versions and adds all the functions of a professional financial analysis tool. It is intended for companies, fiduciaries and financial services that require a powerful and comprehensive tool.

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