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Business Contacts

A database management tool to centralize all the company's contacts, manage appointments, interventions, follow-ups, marketing actions and much more. 

  • Unlimited number of addresses and secondary addresses

  • Definable types of secondary addresses

  • Main and secondary addresses: parent company and subsidiaries, management and tenants...

  • Unlimited number of telephone numbers, e-mail addresses

  • Interaction with VOIP telephony software

  • Unlimited number of communication languages

  • Numerous freely definable fields

  • Duplicate search, also automatically during input

  • Location and route calculation via Internet

  • Linked documents (EDM)

  • Import and export of standard, V-Card and customizable addresses

Capture d’écran 2022-10-24 à 12.47.20.png
Capture d’écran 2022-10-24 à 14.42.37.png
  • Unlimited categories and category groups

  • Assignment of categories to addresses, individually or in groups

  • Address selection by any combination of categories in one click

Activity tracking
  • Recording of events of all types

  • Graphic calendar display, presentation by day, week, month, employees

  • Timesheet by employee, by contact, by company, by type of activity....

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  • Integrated word processing

  • Sample documents

  • Mailing by post or e-mail

  • Mail management and archiving as contact events

  • Standard labels and custom label editor

Mobile access
  • Simplified interface for access by smartphones and tablets

Business Contacts 1st single-user Free!
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