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business intelligence

Create sophisticated spreadsheets with the built-in Excel®-compatible spreadsheet to keep track of your business in real time.

A MS Excel® compatible spreadsheet directly linked to your data

This integrated tool allows you to create reports, analyses and statistical graphs that will remain automatically updated. Just made a great sale? All your spreadsheets and charts are already up to date!

  • Sales or purchase statistics

  • Periodic reports, available in PDF

  • Detailed analyses by client, product, mandate, etc.

  • Budgets, cash flow, ratios

  • Monitoring of fixed assets

  • Cockpit / dashboard type dashboards

  • Business intelligence

  • etc

Are you used to exporting your accounting data in order to reprocess and format them in Excel? These tedious operations will no longer be necessary with Office Maker.


The "Fill" function automates the creation of your report. It completes your spreadsheet with a selection of accounts, analysis centers, entries, items, etc. in rows and columns. You can of course also import your existing Excel documents. You will then only have to add the desired accounting functions. Included in the PRO versions of Business and Finance


Replay the webinar on managing your SME using dashboards
In partnership with BetterStudy - Geneva

How to effectively manage your SME by transforming your data into informed decisions using dashboards.
Presented by Emir Bakiu (Senior Technician) and Fabrice Crittin (Senior Technician), this webinar is the ideal opportunity to discover :

  • How to use dashboards to effectively manage your SME

  • How to turn your data into informed decisions

  • How to use your ERP to obtain a clear and rapid view of your operations

  • Office Maker, a range of business management software

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