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The ideal tool to manage several warehouses or storage locations and to guarantee the traceability of products.


Business Multistock and traceability

The new module Multistock of the software Business PRO will answer your expectations in terms of management of several deposits since it will allow to:

  • know the stock in real time in each warehouse / store / truck / ...

  • inventory monitoring and intra-stock transfers

  • automatic restocking by storage location

  • generate delivery notes from each warehouse

  • optimization of just-in-time management

This new module also integrates product traceability by batch or serial number. This ensures compliance with the regulations of the various industries and guarantees safety.


  • supply sources

  • supplier / manufacturer details

  • quantity per batch

  • identification of origin

  • manufacture, expiry, use-by and sell-by dates


Advantages of traceability


  • management of warranties, recalls, theft and counterfeit problems

  • less waste due to expiration date monitoring

  • better control of product quality

From CHF 1'400.- or CHF 31.- monthly
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