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Native application on Windows or Mac

Office Maker offers an original architecture that offers freedom
of choice and the best in every environment.

Local or cloud

Our software is a true native application that can access data locally or in the cloud. Office Maker takes full advantage of the interface of each platform, without imposing a Windows interface on a Mac user, or vice versa. No need for a remote terminal or an Internet browser, with the security risks that this entails.

Mac or PC

Office Maker was created 35 years ago for the Mac, with a Mac spirit. We have offered native versions on PC since the arrival of Windows 95. Today, Office Maker has as many Mac users as Windows and the programs run identically on both platforms. Mixed networks are becoming more and more common. Modern management takes into account the preferences of its employees for optimal performance. This applies to both Windows and Mac. More info on the Mac in the company.

Alone or with several people

When you want to work with several people at the same time on the same data you will use a client-server version. Locally, your server will be a PC or a Mac. Whether you are local or in our cloud, the workstations can be Macs and PCs.  

Rich interface

The interface is the strong point of the Office Maker solution. Its sobriety and simplicity hide an unsuspected wealth of functions. The interface can also be customized by each user to present the data and actions relevant to their daily work.


Thanks to an intelligent distribution of tasks between the client application and the server, the use of the program is as fluid in a single-user environment as in a local client-server or in the cloud. 

Direct access

Native software allows direct access to your local disk, printers, file servers, barcode readers etc. 

100% Swiss hosting

Office Maker is developed in Switzerland for the Swiss market. In the cloud version, your data is hosted in a 100% Swiss data center, efficient, ecological and secure.


Our software does not use browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Edge, which sometimes work differently and represent security risks. 

If you change your mind…

You can switch from a cloud version to a local version or vice versa and whatever happens you keep complete and immediate ownership over your data.

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