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In network

In multi-station, data access is possible simultaneously by as many users as the license provides.

Use Office Maker on your desktop computer but also on your laptop?

All you need is a single-user license. You will install the program on your two computers and access your data either through the internal network or the cloud, or by making copies of your data that you will transfer from one computer to the other.


Using Office Maker with several people simultaneously

You purchase a number of licenses corresponding to the number of simultaneous users on each program and module. For example, you can have a license for five simultaneous accesses for the module Business Contacts, three accesses for the module Business Mandates, two accesses for Finance and a single-user version for Staff. All combinations are possible! Either locally or in the Cloud.

What is the price difference between single and multiple stations?

For the Light versions, you buy as many licenses as the number of simultaneous accesses you want. For the Standard and PRO versions, the prices are strongly degressive according to the number of simultaneous accesses (from 50 to 90% discount on the price of the 1st station). We will gladly elaborate a quote for the desired configuration.

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