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Solution for notaries'

Sophisticated accounting software
who knows how to keep it simple

For a perfect keeping of your accounts.
Easy to use, also for non-accountants. 


A single window allows you to enter a simple entry (account and counterpart), a multiple entry (several accounts and counterparts), an entry in foreign currencies and/or an entry with automatic calculation and imputation of VAT.

The entry is very simple, thanks to many automatisms. Entries can be modified at any time, until you decide to lock them. Afterwards, it is still possible to automatically generate a reversal entry.

The accounts are totaled automatically as the entries are entered.

Chart of accounts

In accordance with Swiss accounting requirements, Finance offers several model charts of accounts according to your activity that can be quickly and easily adapted to your needs.


The hierarchical nesting of accounts can extend to fifteen levels of totalization.


The Office Maker interface is clear and readable. 

It adapts to the specific needs of each individual user. 

Your employees have the choice of platform - Mac or Windows - and choose the presentation of the data that is useful to them in a clear and uncluttered way. 

Learning Office Maker is surprisingly quick and fun. 

Being immediately comfortable and efficient in your work is invaluable.


Office Maker can be installed locally in your office, or hosted in an ultra-secure Swiss data center. 

Continuous backups ensure that you can revert to a copy of your data as it was one minute before a problem occurred. 

The client-server architecture guarantees end-to-end encrypted access, and two-factor authentication via SwissID ensures rock-solid security. 

It should also be noted that no information leaves Switzerland. 

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Personnel and payroll management, Swissdec 5 approved and compliant with Swiss legislation

General, cost and budget accounting, transfer of financial data from other Office Maker applications


Case management

Alphabetical, chronological and minute directories

Quotations, billing, debtor follow-up, e-banking, creditors, CRM

  • Central file of addresses of all types: buyers, sellers, brokers, banks, etc.…

  • Case management and alphabetical, chronological and minute directories (with automatic numbering according to deed type and notary)

  • Activity catalog with pre-formatted texts

  • Simple entry of fees and disbursements

  • Work in progress

  • Contact follow-up: appointments, telephone calls, letters, deeds, e-mails...

  • Detailed analysis of hours worked by the various participants

  • Clear vision of all financial aspects

  • Linked documents (EDM)

  • Automated invoicing according to various criteria, QR-invoices 

  • Invoice template with two-column amounts: disbursements and fees 

  • Reminders, statements, schedules, balances 

  • Management of provisions and customer funds 

  • Automatic import of bank payments 

  • All documents fully customizable 

  • Expense management 

  • Creditor follow-up 

  • Account statements, schedules, balances 

  • Export bank payments 

  • General accounting 

  • Optional cost accounting

  • Customer funds management 

  • Automated accounting 

  • Integrated spreadsheet and Excel®-compatible worksheets 

  • Personnel and payroll management, Swissdec 5 approved and compliant with Swiss legislation 

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