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Staff Standard

A complete payroll solution without limitation of the number of salaries, with swissdec 5 transmission.

  • Swissdec 5 certified

  • ​Unlimited number of salary slips

  • More than 250 salary types

  • Sets of salary types, main and secondary, for a simplified entry

  • All swiss institutions

  • Addition of salary types​ or personalized statements by our support service

  • Exhaustive information for each employee

  • Fields with history of modifications

  • Customization thanks to numerous free fields

  • Certificates, list of birthdays, telephone numbers, employee file, etc.

  • Integrated word processor for sending letters, emails or contracts

  • Confidentiality management

Calculation and editing
  • Simplified entry of variables: overtime, reimbursement of expenses, absences, etc.

  • Import of variables from Business or Excel for example

  • Simulation before editing salary slips

  • Automatic edition of salary slips

  • Sending of salary slips by e-mail (password protected)

  • Fields with history of modifications

  • Automatic calculation of "impôts source" corrections

  • Automatic calculation of vacation entitlement, thirteenth salary, sick pay, etc.

  • Edition of all official statements.

  • Editing of internal accounts such as: vacations, absences, payroll journal, etc.

  • OFAS statistics and creation of personalized statistics

  • Swissdec electronic transmission

  • Customization of all printed documents thanks to the integrated format editor

  • ​ Payment of salaries by electronic transfer order ISO 20022

  • ​ Payment of a split salary into several accounts

  • Related documents (EDM), applications, curriculum vitae, diplomas ...

​from CHF 2'900.- or CHF 64.- monthly
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