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Office Maker Business Light, the ideal solution for the management of your association, of all sizes and types: cultural, sports, social, ...

You manage your members, fees, activities and calendars, quickly access all the information necessary for the proper management of your association and your activities.

Member management

Managing addresses and members is easy! Create as many categories as you want: ordinary members, board of directors, sponsors or suppliers.

  • Manage members (prospects, members, former members)

  • Management of interests

  • Billing and payment tracking

  • Call for donations, special actions, invitations... 

Activity management

Easily manage all the activities of the association, all your documents and invoices are accessible at any time for a clear and precise vision.

  • Planning of activities

  • Dynamic calendar

  • Sample letters / emails: fundraising, pledge reminder, thank you)

Integrated accounts receivable

You have all the necessary tools for an efficient accounts receivable follow-up. The numerous statistical possibilities will give you a clear view of your business.  

  • Quotes, invoices, credit notes

  • Simple invoices or with ISR, QR-invoices

  • Management of the status of the estimates (in progress, to be restarted,...)

  • Ready-to-use and customizable templates for quotes, invoices and credit notes

  • Management of down payments, outstanding amounts and automated payments


Office Maker ensures that data is consistent through numerous input controls, a maintenance center ensures data backup.


Your data is securely hosted in a data center in Switzerland. You can access your data from anywhere, and from any Mac or PC.


Close to you, Micro Consulting and its partners are able to respond in the shortest possible time, and offer you a complete range of services.

from CHF 490.- or CHF 27.- monthly

The Raizes Association is a Brazilian cultural association recognized as being of public utility by the cantonal authorities of Geneva. It offers Brazilian Portuguese lessons for children as well as adults and also for companies. It also manages a library.

I have been using Office Maker Finance since 2008 and I was able to add other Office Maker software (Staff and Business) as needed, as well as the BiblioMaker solution with which we have been managing our library for 7 years. What I liked is that the software is easy to use and that it works on Mac. We work in the same way in all the programs which allows, when we use one of them, to easily implement the following ones. Services such as the hotline and the Support command accessible from the programs are efficient. Sometimes I had to wait a bit, but whenever I had an urgent question or problem that needed to be resolved right away, I got prompt assistance.  

I have recommended Office Maker to other associations in Geneva and they do not regret their choice. They were also all able to benefit from reduced prices given their non-profit activity.

I will continue to use and recommend Office Maker!  »

Magnolia Vigny


Association Raizes

Office Maker customer since 2008

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