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Print templates

We offer a range of print templates that you can freely download. Use as is or adapt to your graphic charter. Everything is possible !

Office Maker Business

Each template is accompanied by the corresponding format for offers, order confirmations, delivery notes and credit notes. The necessary fonts are also included.


The templates automatically adapt to the language of the customer if it is French, German, Italian or English. If additional languages have been defined in Office Maker Business, fields can be translated by the user directly into print templates.

Office Maker Staff

To install a salary slip format, simply display your salary slips in the main window, click on the Print button and then on the Add button. You will then be able to select the template you downloaded. The Options button lets you rename the template via the cogwheel.

Install Office Maker Invoice Templates

Follow the video tutorial to install Office Maker Invoice Templates.

Don't feel comfortable installing a print format or customizing it? Our support department is available to help or train you in the format editor. Simply make an appointment with our technicians.

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