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Stronger than ever

We are pleased to present version 7.3, which brings you major improvements and new features. Thanks to its original architecture, Office Maker is the first Swiss management software native to Windows and Mac.


Office Maker 7.3, optimized for Windows 11 and MacOS Sonoma, takes full advantage of each platform's interface.

Minimal Configuration

  • macOS 11 Big Sur (compatible with any Mac from 2013)

  • Windows 10 or Windows Server 2016

  • 1280 x 800 pixel display.

  • Cloud version: 50 Mbps wired Internet connection.

Ideal Configuration

  • macOS 14 Sonoma

  • Windows 11 or Windows Server 2022.

  • 4K screen or higher. Multi-screen compatible.

  • Cloud version: fiber optic Internet connection.

See our Recommended Environment document for more details.

As of January 1, 2024, the following three rates will be adjusted:

  • The standard rate will rise from 7.7% to 8.1%.

  • The reduced rate will rise from 2.5% to 2.6%.

  • The special rate for accommodation will rise from 3.7% to 3.8%.


The default rates of the new data files have been adapted to 2024, as have the VAT statements. Changes to AVS 2024 and cross-border commuter law, for example, are automatically applied (see Swissdec 5.1).

More information

Ready for legal changes 2024 

Enhanced and simplified security

Our integrated backup system, which was already very powerful, has been further enhanced to allow you to go back to any minute in the last 7 days, as well as to the last monthly backup of the last 12 months.

Setting up a permanent single-user backup is now just a click away.


Single-user Version

Configuration features a new Backups folder button, which lets you define the folder where you want to save your backups. 

A backup of the changes made will be made continuously during your work every

20 seconds (logging) and a complete backup when you quit the program.


The last daily backup is kept for 7 days, and the last monthly backup for one year.

Local Server Version

The existing backup configuration will continue to function as before, but with logging extended to one week (with the option of reverting to the nearest minute) if you have activated the Backup pruning option.

We also recommend backing up the backup destination folder in the cloud via a service such as Swiss Backup to guard against the risk of theft or fire.

Cloud Version

You don't have to do a thing - everything is configured automatically for you. In addition to daily backups for a week and monthly backups for a year, we store all backups for

6 months on a separate server, also based at our Infomaniak hosting company in Switzerland.

Even simpler

New knowledge base and enhanced Help menu.


A new Help button in the main window brings together various commands that were in other menus (such as Update Search) and new options.


We've created an online knowledge base to answer any questions you may have about how our programs work, as well as technical or commercial questions.

Over a thousand articles in 4 languages are already available, and we'll be adding more over time. Don't hesitate to let our technical support team know of any missing topics you'd like to see added to the database.

Swissdec 5.1 Certification

OM Staff is one of the first Swiss software packages to receive this recognition.

Office Maker Staff is one of the first software packages to be officially certified for the new ELM 5.0 standard, and has in fact already been adapted to the 5.1 standard, which takes into account the legislative changes coming into force on January 1, 2024 (gradual increase in the retirement age for women, possibility of refusing the AVS deductible in certain cases).

The software is now able to handle even more special cases and complicated situations, such as retroactive calculations following changes announced late by employees (e.g. change of marital status or place of residence). Hourly or irregular salaries are also better managed.

Easy import of
debit payments

Managing incoming payments can be a time-consuming process, particularly when duplicate payments or incorrect references are involved. It is now possible to import an unlimited number of CAMT files at once, and duplicate payments can be automatically transformed into advances or applied to other open customer invoices. Payments with invalid references can be attributed to the right customer by displaying detailed payment information.

Enhanced reminders and
reminder fee management
Objet dynamique vectoriel.png

Two new print formats are available in the Addresses file: Simple reminders on paper and Simple reminders per e-mail. They offer an enhanced and enriched presentation, with the following possibilities:

  • Fully customizable with integrated word processor. 

  • Insert any field from the customer, invoice or transfer center master record.

  • Display of QR code and references. Alternatively, display payment information such as IBAN according to information from the Transfer Center associated with the invoice.

  • Translated formats for all defined languages.

  • Reminder fees can be configured for different currencies, and are fully managed during payment or accounting transfer.

E-Commerce Import via REST

Sales made on an online sales site can now be instantly transformed into Debtor Invoices (paid or unpaid) thanks to a REST API that you activate in the Web menu in the Maintenance. 

Budgets on totalising accounts

The PRO version of Office Maker Finance now lets you define budgets for totalizing accounts in addition to individual accounts or profit/cost centers.

This greatly simplifies budgeting in highly detailed charts of accounts. All budgeted amounts, whether annual or monthly, can be included in printed operating accounts or extracted in the integrated spreadsheet.

An enriched layout

The integrated word processor in Business and Staff becomes even more versatile.

The integrated word processor, Microsoft Office compatible and directly linked to your data, enables you to create all kinds of documents, from forms, brochures and product sheets to mailings and e-mailings.

Among the new features of version 7.3:


• Blocks of rich text, such as tables or formulas, can be freely placed on top of each other. This offers infinite layout possibilities.


• Formulas extracting data from your database are now represented by a small, space-saving "f" symbol, displaying the meaning on hover and the detailed formula on double-click.

Transfer Winbiz data to
Office Maker Finance in a single click.

Thanks to a new import command in Maintenance, you can transfer all the entries from a Winbiz fiscal year into a blank fiscal year, along with charts of accounts, cost plans, journals and currencies. Tens of thousands of entries can be transferred in less than a minute, without affecting the original data.

Should you require any further assistance, our technical team is at your disposal.

An even more powerful spreadsheet

The integrated spreadsheet can now extract your data in the form of dynamic tables that are always up to date, multiplying its possibilities.

Business et Finance PRO's integrated spreadsheet, compatible with Microsoft Excel and directly linked to your data, enables the creation of an infinite number of reports and graphs that are automatically updated over time.

The "Fill" function has been completely rewritten to offer access to more data, and the creation of true dynamic tables that continue to fill according to definable criteria as new data (invoices, entries etc.) is added to your database. This provides access to a variety of additional statistical functions and the creation of pivot tables of all kinds.


Many other new features are available through the toolbar.

With versions 7.3, we continue to improve our software, always at the cutting edge of user-friendliness and technology.


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