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Apple Intelligence and macOS Sequoia

In June 2024, at its conference for developers, Apple presented the state of its work in the field of artificial intelligence, as well as new versions of its operating systems (iOS, iPadOS, macOS, etc.).

Apple Intelligence

Artificial intelligence permeates all platforms (iPhone, iPad, Mac...) and a large number of applications developed by the Californian company. It is used for a wide range of tasks:

  • Multi-application search assistance

  • Organizing the filing of incoming e-mails and notifications

  • Automatic organization of your photo library

  • Text search in photo library

  • Intelligent image editing

  • Writing assistance

  • Suggested answers to questions posed in an e-mail

  • Automatic creation of summaries, including transcriptions of oral speeches

  • Image and emoji generation

  • Notable improvements to the Siri virtual assistant

The answers given by artificial intelligence take into account your work habits and past interactions, and are personalized accordingly.

Apple ensures the confidentiality of the data concerned, thanks to the fact that the majority of processing is carried out on the device itself. In cases where computing must take place in the cloud, various measures guarantee that no third party, not even Apple, will be able to access the data.

Following an agreement with OpenAI, ChatGPT can also be invoked. And other AI-based service providers are expected to offer their skills in the future.

Apple Intelligence will be available in beta version in autumn 2024 in English and during 2025 in other languages.

macOS Sequoia

The successor to Sonoma offers a number of new features (list not exhaustive):

  • An application for controlling your iPhone from your Mac.

  • Easily copy files from iPhone to Mac or vice-versa via drag-and-drop.

  • Helps to reposition windows optimally on the screen.

  • During a video call, preview the screen you're about to share.

  • Various improvements to the Safari web browser.

  • Creation of an application dedicated to password management.

  • Formatting improvements for sending instant messages.

  • Automatic calculations integrated into the note-taking application.

A version for developers is already available. In July, a beta version will be released, with the final version to follow in the autumn.

We recommend that you do not install the beta version on a Mac used for productive tasks. Beta versions are potentially unstable and could prove incompatible with software you rely on.


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