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Collection of ISR invoices from September 30

As of September 30, invoices with an orange payment slip (ISR) can no longer be paid by bank or postal account, as only QR-bills are accepted.

If you have issued invoices with an ISR to your customers that have not yet been paid, you can facilitate their collection with one of the following solutions:

  • Convert open invoices to QR-invoices: apply the transfer center for QR-invoice to the ISR-invoices, then reprint and resend the invoices. Be sure to add a note indicating that the invoice is a duplicate, to avoid double payment.

  • Give your QR-IBAN to customers with an open invoice so that they can use it for payment. The BV reference to be carried forward remains the same.

As a reminder, this technical note provides you with all the information you need to introduce the QR-invoice in your Office Maker Business software. Our support department remains at your disposal to assist you in this transition.


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