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Managing your domain names

The Internet is made up of millions of domain names that identify the companies and institutions involved in the global network. Among the best-known domain names:,,,, etc.

These domain names are just as important to a company as its name or the name of its products, so it's imperative to take care of them to avoid problems that could bring your business to a standstill. Just imagine: what if your website stops responding and your e-mail service stops working because your domain name has been taken by a third party?

Swiss web host Infomaniak has published an article on best practices and precautions for managing your domain name. Contents:

  1. The danger of wanting to remain anonymous behind your domain name.

  2. Hijacking of your domain by a third party.

  3. A trademark claims your domain by invoking intellectual property.

  4. Having your domain “stolen” due to a late payment.

  5. Best practices to avoid problems with your domains.

Enjoy your reading!


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