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Microsoft Surface Pro 9 for Office Maker

Microsoft has recently renewed its range of Surface computers. The particularity of the Surface Pro model is that it can be used alternatively as a laptop with a keyboard and as a tablet, after having detached the keyboard.

This flexibility may be interesting for some Office Maker users who want to use a touch tablet with their favorite program.

This model is equipped with Windows 11 and its battery provides a full day of autonomy. With the optional 5G connection, it can also be used to connect to our cloud server.

In the Surface range, the cheaper Surface Go 3 model is also a possible option, although it is less powerful. Note, however, that this model comes with Windows 11 S-Mode, which only allows you to use applications downloaded from the Microsoft Store: Office Maker is not available in this online store. However, it is possible to switch irreversibly from Windows in S mode to Windows Home or Windows Professional for free.


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