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New functions OM Business 7.2

Improved support for high definition displays in Windows

If you have set up scaling of your high-definition screen in Windows preferences, text and graphics will now appear more finely grained. This improves the readability of small print, for example.

Editable address on QR-invoices

Due to the ISO standard that requires a structured address for QR-invoices, version 7.1 did not allow to modify the address field in the Invoices. Version 7.2 makes things more flexible by adding a "pencil" button next to the address field allowing to modify it in a structured form:

Please note that only the following fields are reported on the QR slip at the bottom of the invoice and in the QR code itself (the shipping address at the top of the invoice may include all fields):

  • Title, First name, Last name for a private person.

  • Company name for a company. The previous fields are ignored as well as Company continued.

  • Street and Number. The number does not have to be entered separately. Street 2 and Street 3 are ignored.

  • ZIP Code and Town.

  • Country, in the form of a menu so that it is ISO standard. The bordering countries are grouped together at the top of the menu.

We remind you that changing the address does not prevent the invoice from remaining linked to the customer code of the Invoice and that it is not recommended to change the legal entity. For example, the debtors balance or sales statistics will continue to mention the main name associated with the customer code. It is also the possible secondary address of type Reminders of the customer code that will be used when sending reminders.

This structured address entry is also available in offers, order confirmations, delivery notes and credit notes.

The QR-invoice is now!

As of September 30, it will be impossible to make payments by orange ISR. It is therefore essential that you switch to QR-invoices now if you have not already done so, given the payment deadlines of your customers.

Please consult this technical note explaining the procedure:

Technical note for transitioning to QR-invoices : french | german

Do not hesitate to contact our technical support if you would like an appointment with one of our specialists to help you in this transition.

Sending e-mails with a Gmail account

Google has announced the obligation of two-factor authentication since May 30, and the need to allow third-party applications to use your account to send emails. If you use a Gmail account to send for example invoices or mailings by e-mail, you have to proceed as follows:

  • If you haven't already done so, activate the two-step validation by logging into your Gmail account on the web.

  • In Account Settings / Security, you can access the "Application Password" feature.

  • Here you can generate a password to copy into OM Business. The sending options are configured in Maintenance -> Operations menu -> Configure email accounts.

The first time you send it, it is possible that Google will send a security alert by e-mail to which you will only have to reply that it was you.

Please note that for reasons of confidentiality and business secrecy, it may be preferable to send emails from a host based in Switzerland, such as our partner Infomaniak.


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