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New in OM Finance 7.1 : improvement of the CAMT bank import

Office Maker Finance is able to import a bank statement from your tele-banking and thus generate entries related to the bank account.

This import in CAMT.053 format has been improved:

Automatic calculation of VAT

If a VAT code has been entered in an expense or revenue account, this VAT rate will be automatically applied to the entry during the CAMT import.

Comfort of use

After the CAMT import, OM Finance displays all the entries of the period, i.e. also those that were already present before the import. This gives you a direct overview. The search for duplicates is of course also possible after the validation of the entries.

Import by folder

Financial institutions offer CAMT files on a daily, weekly and/or monthly basis. The daily option, the only one currently offered by UBS for example, can be tedious because it implies the import of about twenty files to import the entries of a whole month. Finance 7.1 offers an import "by folder" which allows you to import all the statements in a folder in a single operation.

With the import "CAMT.053 bank statement" available in the Entries file, save precious time in the accounting follow-up of your bank account !


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