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New in version 7.1 : improved word processor

The word processor integrated into Office Maker Business and Staff offers new features that are particularly useful:


You now have the possibility to create tables, that is to say a presentation of the data in the form of rows and columns, of which here is an example:




Micro Consulting

Chemin de Budron A 12

1052 Le Mont

Switzerland AG

Egliweg 34

8000 Zürich

Creating tables offers a lot of flexibility, as you can specify the number of columns, the number of rows, the width of each column, the height of each row, the alignment of the text in the cells, the borders and the background color.

Thanks to the tables, you can create sophisticated layouts by placing text and images side by side, creating forms, product sheets for your articles, etc.

To insert a table, display the Insert section in the sidebar and click on the Table button. The Table section of the sidebar offers you many customization possibilities.

Import of Word documents

The word processor is now able to open Word documents in .docx format, which allows you to retrieve documents that you would have already prepared in another word processor (for the record, many competing word processors are able to save in Word format, so you can also exchange documents with these programs through the intermediate Word format).

Use the gear icon above the word processor area and choose the Import command.

Export to PDF

In addition to the Office Maker, Word and Web Page formats, you now have the option of exporting your document in PDF format.

Formatting pictures

The word processor can also contain images and the formatting options have been multiplied. For example, in Office Maker Business, the display of the article image (often of variable size) is now better managed.

Thanks to its rich functionality and its integration with your database, the word processor can be used for a wide range of purposes:

  • Mailing or e-mailing (newsletter)

  • Price list

  • Special offer

  • Contracts

  • Certificates

  • E-mail to accompany invoices, reminders, etc.

This list is not exhaustive!


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