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New in version 7.1 : improvements to the integrated spreadsheet

For many years, Office Maker Business and Finance PRO versions have included a spreadsheet that can draw on your data. The great advantage of this integration is that your spreadsheets are automatically updated according to your sales or purchases. You thus have a dashboard that facilitates the management of your company.

The version 7.1 of Office Maker brings the following new features:

The Fill button used to select the data from your database to be integrated into the spreadsheet offers various improvements. As a reminder, with this button you can choose the file and the desired fields, add the name of the field in the column title, choose to insert the current selection of records or define a search formula to filter the data to be inserted, define a sort order and finally ask to insert the data vertically or horizontally.

With the Fill button, retrieving data from your database is a breeze.

The spreadsheet now offers the creation of pivot tables. The purpose of this type of table is to offer you a summary of the data via filter functions and statistical calculations (averages, sums, etc.). For example, from a file of addresses, you could obtain the number of companies in a particular locality or for a list of items, obtain the average price of items in a given category, etc.

When inserting a pivot table, a wizard guides you in the choice of the items to be displayed, proposes filters to discriminate the values, a sorting order and various statistical functions.

Thanks to its functional richness, the spreadsheet approaches the possibilities offered by Microsoft Excel, while offering in addition the dynamic links with your data. Try it and you'll love it!


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