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New version 7.1 : native operation on M1 processor

Version 7.1 of Office Maker is now available as a "fat binary" application for Macs, i.e. it contains the code in native form for both Intel and Apple Silicon processors (M1). This ensures that it can be run with maximum efficiency regardless of the Mac model used.

During the presentation of its M1-based Macs, Apple showed impressive speed gains compared to its Intel-based Macs. We performed some comparative tests to verify these claims. To do this, we created a data file containing two million records. Here are the results:

Duration of a search by a non-indexed field (Search command)

Mac Intel : 90 seconds

Mac M1 : 37 seconds

Acceleration : factor 2.4

Search of linked records (Linked records command)

Mac Intel : 31 seconds

Mac M1 : 12 seconds

Acceleration : factor 2.6

Modification of all records (Apply command)

Mac Intel : 170 seconds

Mac M1 : 112 seconds

Acceleration : factor 1.5

As you can see, the time savings range from a factor of 1.5 to 2.6 and this can be felt in the current use of the software: everything is much more fluid. Apple's promises are therefore kept.

Note also that the difference between the Intel and Apple Silicon versions could be even greater on a battery-powered laptop, because in this case the Intel processor slows down to save power, which is not the case with the Apple Silicon processor, which is much less voracious in energy.

Getting ready to buy a new Mac? Don't hesitate to choose a model equipped with an Apple Silicon processor. And install Office Maker version 7.1 to make the most of its power.

Processeur M1


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