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New version 7.3 : Integrated spreadsheet enhancements

Office Maker Business and Finance PRO software contain an Excel®-compatible, feature-rich integrated spreadsheet. It enables you to create dashboards, reports and graphs that are updated in real time according to the figures extracted from your database.

The spreadsheet benefits from a number of improvements, including the following new feature:

The function for filling your spreadsheet with data extracted from your database has been greatly enhanced. The Fill dialog contains many new options, and more files are available. It is now possible to create real tables that can be used as a source for statistical calculation formulas or to create extremely powerful pivot tables. Assign search formulas to each table and set up automatic table updates each time you open a spreadsheet for editing. The advantage: you can create sophisticated analyses or periodic reports that will be perpetually updated with the latest data entered in the database, which represents an enormous time-saving compared with exports to Excel®.

Spreadsheets have never been so powerful for monitoring your company's key figures!


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