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New version Business 7.3 : Improved reminder delivery and management of reminder fees

Two new print formats are available in the Addresses file: Simple reminders on paper and Simple reminders per e-mail. They replace the now obsolete Simple Reminders format, which will remain available for some time to allow you to make the transition.

These formats enable reminders to be sent by post or e-mail respectively, and offer an enhanced and enriched presentation, with the following possibilities:

  • Fully customizable thanks to the integrated word processor. Insert your company logo, for example, or adapt the texts to each reminder level.

  • Insert any item in the customer, invoice or transfer center master record.

  • If it's a QR-bill, the QR code and references are displayed. Otherwise, payment information is displayed, such as the IBAN according to the information in the Transfer Center associated with the invoice.

  • Translated formats for all configured languages.

  • Reminder fee can be configured for different currencies.

Management of reminder fee

Two new fields have been added to Debtor invoices: Reminder fee and Reminder fee balance. The first is automatically assigned when simple reminders invoices are sent, depending on the reminder level reached. The Reminder fee balance is then the same amount. When an ISR-QR is printed, this balance is added to the amount to be paid.

On receipt of payment, e.g. for an invoice of CHF 100.00 with CHF 10.00 reminder fee, if the customer pays CHF 110.00, both the Invoice Balance and the Reminder Fee Balance will be set to zero, and the payment will be treated as a payment with surcharge, using the Reminder Fee account which must be defined in the accounting preparation options. If the customer only pays CHF 100, the invoice will nevertheless be considered as settled and will not be subject to any further reminders, even though the Reminder fee balance will remain at CHF 10. In other words, reminder fee are automatically waived.

The Reminder fee balance is visible under the reminder dates in the Invoice edit screen. Reminder Fee and Reminder Fee Balance can be used in searches, displayed in columns in the main window, or printed in customized reports. They can be modified via the Apply action. The Cancel Reminders option in the Apply Invoices dialog resets them to zero. These amounts are always in the same currency as the Invoice.


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