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New version Business 7.3 : New Web menu

A new Web menu in Maintenance brings together commands for integrated web server services, i.e. OM Business Mobile (smartphones and tablets) and e-commerce import via REST.

The first menu command is used to start or stop the web server, and a green or red dot indicates its current status.

The Set up the web server command is reserved for local servers, and offers a modernized and simplified interface for obtaining a TLS certificate and installing it on the server. For cloud versions, these operations are performed by us.

The Configure REST access command is used to define the REST account (name and password) and activate or deactivate the REST server. The complex, unique password is automatically generated and should be copied to the clipboard and pasted into a document for safekeeping. Records created via the REST server will have the user name defined here. At present, only e-commerce imports can create or modify records (Invoices, Addresses and Payments), but we will be extending the possibilities from 2024.

Finally, use the Configure OMB Mobile command to define which files you want to make available on smartphones and tablets to registered users, in compliance with the access rights specified for each of them in the user configurations.

These commands are also available (except for the REST server) in the single-user version, for testing purposes. For operational use, we recommend using the server or cloud version to guarantee permanent access.


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