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New version OM Business 7.1 : Module Multistock and traceability

Office Maker Business 7.1 welcomes a new module to manage multiple stocks and the traceability of items.


Manage in the same database several storage places: warehouses, shops, trucks... Once these storage places are defined, define the quantity of articles present in each storage place.

When entering supplier receipts or debtor delivery notes, indicate which storage location is concerned, which allows you to know at any time the stock status of each warehouse. A transfer of goods between the storage locations is possible at any time.


The Multistock module also manages product traceability by batch or serial number. At each step (from the supplier's reception to the debtor's delivery note), you indicate either the batch number or the serial number of the article and thus keep a trace of the product's journey in your company.

Each item or lot is associated with a supplier and can be given a manufacturing date, a due date, an expiration date and a sell-by date.

Traceability offers many advantages: management of warranties and recalls in case of defects, prevention of waste thanks to the monitoring of expiration dates, better control of product quality, compliance with legal requirements for certain product categories such as drugs or food...

Our sales department gives you further information on this module.


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