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New version OM Finance 7.1 : calculation formula in an entry

When entering an accounting entry, the Debit, Credit, Debit in currency and Credit in currency fields accept not only the entry of an amount, but also the entry of a mathematical formula.

In the case of entering a formula, it is necessary to precede it with the = sign.

The formula can contain one of the following four operators:







* or x






The operators are executed from left to right without any particular priority. Thus, =1+2x3 returns 9.

Parentheses are accepted, so =1+(2x3) returns 7.

The Power operator can be used to calculate compound interest. Thus, =1.05^6x1000 returns

the future value of an amount of 1000 francs at 5% interest for 6 years.

The result of the calculation is always positive: =5-7 returns 2 and not -2.

A formula can contain an account number between quotation marks ("" or «») to obtain its balance (also always positive). For example, ="1000" returns the balance of the Cash account and ="1500"x0.1 returns the 10% depreciation value of the Machines account. The account number can contain the wildcard character (@) to replace one of the account digits: ="1@"-"2@" returns the difference between all the asset and liability accounts, thus the profit or loss.

An executed formula can be recalled by entering the = sign again. If the formula has been entered in the wrong field, simply enter the = sign again in the desired field.


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