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New version OM Staff 7.1 : enhanced security

The security of OM Staff is very important in view of the confidentiality of the processed data. Version 7.1 further increases the requirements on the following two aspects:

Password for sending salary slips by e-mail

If you send the salary slips to your employees by e-mail, they can be protected by a password.

You define a password in the employee's file, tab Complements, in the field Salary slip password. The cogwheel symbol on the right of the heading suggests a password that you can then send by e-mail to the employee's private or professional address.

The employee will receive the salary slips as an attachment in the form of a ZIP file that will require a password to open.

Swissdec transmission

The Swissdec transmitter now uses the TLS protocol in version 1.3 against 1.2 previously. This new version of the protocol abandons encryption algorithms currently considered too weak.


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