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New version Staff 7.3 : Swissdec 5 certification

Office Maker Staff is one of the first software packages to be officially certified for the new ELM 5.0 standard, and has in fact already been adapted to the 5.1 standard, which takes into account the legislative changes coming into force on January 1, 2024 (gradual increase in the retirement age for women, possibility of refusing the AVS deductible in certain cases).

This also means that the software is able to handle even more special cases and complicated situations, such as retroactive calculations following changes announced late by employees (e.g. change of marital status or place of residence). Weekly or irregular salaries are also better managed.

The software settings will be automatically updated to Swissdec 5 when the 2024 financial year is created. Users don't need to do anything special to end 2023 with Swissdec 4.

In December, we'll be informing customers of everything they need to know to start 2024 with Swissdec 5.

The secure Internet transmission of your salary statements and BFS/OFS statistics has been improved, with enhanced security, a simplified interface and expanded possibilities.

For example, it will now be possible to transmit FAK/CAF and BVG/LPP transfers (if institutions support them), send salary certificate corrections, manage bi-directional messages with an institution, and better interpret any transmission errors.


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