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Office Maker Staff certified Swissdec 5

We are pleased to announce that our Office Maker Staff salary management software has just received Swissdec 5 (ELM 5.0) certification.

This is the result of more than a year's work. OM Staff is one of the first Swiss software products to receive this recognition.

Certification guarantees the accuracy of wage calculations. Version ELM 5.0 requires management of more special cases.

OM Staff version 7.3, scheduled for release this autumn, will integrate the certified developments. The current version 7.1 is already certified for ELM 4.0.

When the 2024 fiscal year is created, the parameters will be automatically converted to Swissdec ELM 5.0.

With OM Staff and its Swissdec certification, the administrative work of your HR staff is greatly facilitated by the automation of form entry and various checks. One of the advantages of Swissdec is the highly secure transmission of your payroll data to numerous institutions: compensation funds, family allowance funds, cantonal tax administrations, the Swiss Federal Statistical Office, as well as UVG/LAA, UVGZ/LAAC, KTG/IJM and BVG/LPP insurances.


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