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QR-bill, the time is now!

From September 30th, 2022, payments via the Orange inpayment slip (ISR) will no longer be processed neither by the Swiss Post nor by the banks.

The transition to QR-bill must therefore be organised now.

Your advantages as a biller:

  • Simplify the life of your customers

  • Invoicing in CHF and EUR

  • Simplified payment reconciliation, less manual input

  • Digital transmission of all payment information

  • Invoices can be sent by e-mail

  • Promotion of a modern image

The advantages for your customers:

  • Simplified invoice processing

  • All payment information is in the QR Code

  • Reading by smartphone or QR Code reader

  • Less reading errors

  • Time saving

Moreover, the QR-bill is good for the planet since it allows a dematerialization of the invoice.

What are the next steps? See our Technical Note or call our support service.


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