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Swisscom's cyber threat radar

Swisscom recently published its Cyber Threat Radar, which assesses current threat levels in the following five areas:

  • Environment / Social

  • Dominant Players

  • Technology Dynamics

  • Organisation

  • Physical

For each of these areas, 3 levels of risk have been determined (in ascending order of importance):

  • Trends

  • Key themes

  • Focal points

Finally, some thirty different threats are classified and placed in one of these three risk levels. While the level of most of them remains unchanged (such as ransomware, insecure connected objects, the use of obsolete IT protocols), others are becoming more acute (such as political influence, attacks on supply chains or the manipulation of generative artificial intelligence).

Although this document is not intended to give concrete recommendations for protection, it does give a general idea of the current threat situation and the themes on which particular attention should be focused.


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