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The new 15-inch MacBook Air for Office Maker

Apple has unveiled a new laptop model, the MacBook Air, with a 15-inch diagonal screen.

It's the world's thinnest 15" notebook, and it's particularly quiet (no fan), yet it doesn't sacrifice speed thanks to its high-performance M2 processor. What's more, its battery provides 18 hours of autonomy. Priced at around CHF 1,400, it's an affordable choice.

In principle, its "basic" configuration with a 256 GB hard disk and 8 GB RAM is more than sufficient to run Office Maker software.

For the record, Office Maker software works equally well on Macs and Windows PCs. If you work in a company equipped exclusively with PCs, platform diversity can be a useful precaution to avoid total paralysis in the event of a computer attack.


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